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Vinyl record sales rise through 2013

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Joined: 26 Sep 2013
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 8:46 am    Post subject: Vinyl record sales rise through 2013 Reply with quote

In the course of my work (as one-time freelance AV technology writer) I get lots of press releases on matters relating to the audio visual industry. Here's an interesting one I received this morning which further supports the claims that people are turning to (or perhaps turning back to) analogue recorded media forms such as vinyl records.

I don't entirely support the general argument that "vinyl is better"; yes, it's true to say that a properly mastered and pressed disc will give you a fine dynamic range, but this supposedly superior reproduction can only be realised if (a) the clean pressing is as good as it can be, and (b) the reproduction equipment is of the highest quality as well. Sadly, for most people, this isn't the case. I have too many 1960s and 1970s memories of 33rpm and 45rpm discs being scratched and dirty, with record turntables, amplifiers and speaker systems being of average quality.

A a friend's house recently I was listening to Schubert's Symphony No.5 (one of my favourites) playing from a 33rpm disc on a Linn Sonndeck turntable through a Quad 33/303 amplification duo on BBC-specification Spendor BC1 speakers. It sounded fabulous. It's all very, very expensive as well!

It won't stop me accessing my own iTunes collection around the house via WiFi-connected devices though - and I won't have to keep flipping the disc over every 20 minutes or so!

Here's the body of the release:

Vinyl revival sees record sales rise and quality turntables back in the spotlight

Recent figures from the British Phonographic Industry show that over half a million vinyl LPs have been sold so far in 2013. BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor said “The LP is back in the groove. We’re witnessing a renaissance for records – they’re no longer retromania and are becoming the format of choice for more and more music fans”.

Offering a selection of the best turntables in the world, London’s Audio Lounge sells turntables such as the Clearaudio Ovation and Innovation from Germany. Famed for their audiophile quality and high-tech materials, these turntables are ideal for new heavyweight vinyl pressings and your favourite vintage vinyl. Ruth Phypers of Audio Lounge believes the rise in vinyl sales is around music quality above everything else...

“The rise of vinyl sales is based around people rediscovering sound quality, rather than nostalgia. There's no denying that people have an attachment to sleeves and vinyl itself but it's the quality that always wins out. That's why Rough Trade are doing so well selling records and opening a store in America".

The luxury listening room at Audio Lounge attracts music fans from all over the country and visitors are treated to album play back sessions on a £350,000 reference system. While offering top of the range CD players, headphones and wireless music systems, Ruth notes that even the biggest artists are talking about sound quality too...

“The fact that Nine Inch Nails mastered their new album in a different way for vinyl speaks volumes. Even Lady Gaga has tweeted about music quality and mentioned that music isn't great heard through a laptop speaker. At Audio Lounge, we love music and a big part of that is providing systems that do original recordings justice. That's why the rock stars come to our shop to buy their audio systems..."

Adam Ficek of Roses Kings Castles and formerly of Babyshambles is one of many musicians who relies on vinyl for his favourite albums...

“Vinyl harks back to the days of music being a treasured sonic experience not just binary digits on a hard drive. It's important and reassuring to acknowledge that when given a choice, people still appreciate a quality experience, If you want the extended frequency range that vinyl brings, you need a turntable”.


Nobody mentions the fact that almost all of this music is recorded, mixed and mastered digitally though! Smile
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Clearly the original vinyl records most of us recall from our younger years hold great memories but I just can't see the point of releasing today's music on vinyl when far easier methods of accessing music exist - not just in terms of better physical products but also with online downloads which most of today's younger generation regard as quite normal

In a funny kind of way I think that releasing tracks on vinyl today somehow devalues the wonderful music we all recall from yesteryear even though the quality is probably a great deal better

It's like other areas of life - for me I absolutely love sixties classic cars but I wouldn't want to be driving around in one all day every day in 2013 Shocked

We can't recreate the past and in my view it isn't a good idea to try to do so - better to live with our great memories and move on : Smile
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